Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Giver :)

Giver book vs movie

I believe that the movie was better than the book because it makes the book more better. It emphasizes what the original look for the giver was. For example in the movie it is mostly about Jonas vs Chief elder, but in the book it is Jonas vs the community.

I like how in the movie Jonas has a birthmark on his arm so the giver just grabs his arms and transmits the memories. But in the book it's different Jonas has to lay down and then the giver transmits the memories. I feel it is better when I can visually see what is going on so I could follow better in the story. But in the book I actually have to picture everything and If i miss a detail I'm completely lost.

Also in the book Jonas is twelve years old. And I'm the movie he is sixteen. I guess the movie made the right choice making him sixteen because wouldn't it just be weird for a twelve year old boy to have the “stirrings.” I guess it's the right thing to make it age appropriate. Cause wouldn't it be also harsh to have all the memories done to a kid who never felt pain, love, happiness. But a sixteen year old boy would be better because first in the movie it is more realistic. They are finally starting there job at a normal age sixteen. Not twelve. So I guess also the age differences matter too.

        And the fact the story is told in first person in the movie. Makes it so much better because we are getting the story told from the person who is having a difficult time. Jonas is going through a lot during his life in the movie and story. He starts seeing color and starts feeling more different from other people. He has no idea why. I think that when the story is told in first person it makes you want to know more. LIke the outsiders I loved that book because Ponyboy  told the story in first person and it made me want to know more, about the person and the others around him or her. It just draws the person's attention who is watching the movie or reading a book. I honestly prefer books, but in this case the movie was fantastic.

I mean the book was great but it didn’t told as much as I wanted it to. It had a lot of good description and it helps you to visualize what is going on. It did have some action but not as much. It didn’t make me want to go there except some of the memories where  I could feel like I was there with him. Through the pain and happiness even the laughter as well as the love. But the movie showed it and told it in a way that would help you to feel like you were there with him or even felt like if you were in his shoes. Stuff like if I was there I would of done something different. That’s why I believe the movie was better than the book at telling the story.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Roso Bunge

Ulibeth Avila

Going back to the past!

It was friday I called Roso on the phone and asked “ Can I interview you about how it was for you you in middle school?” Roso responded in a happy and cheerful way “ Yes I would be glad to!” I was happy to be interviewing him and prepared to ask him questions.

Roso is a family friend he is sweet, nice, and really funny. He is kinda tall and has white hair also pale skin. Roso wears glasses that are round and shape his face well. His voice is mellow and low sometimes his voice gets squeaky when he starts laughing.He met my dad a while back and they became good friends. Him and his husband were the first people to hold me after my parents. He helps me with my homework sometimes, and is there when you need him. Overall I can say that Roso is a thoughtful person.

February 14, 2017! It was finally the day that I would interview Roso. He met me at my house in the dining room. I was excited but nervous and I started shaking a little. Rosso was chuckling with nerves and looking around at the white walls that had colorful paintings around. We sat at the muddy brown table both staring at each other with nothing to say. And blank faces. At this point I was scared to ask questions and nervous.

Finally I said “thank you for meeting me here.” He responded “ No problem, I am glad to meeting you too.” I started with the questions. I asked the first question “What was school like for you as a kid? Roso replied but it took a while “ School like to me? Well it was great we had supplies and a indoor swimming pool so it was fun. My School went from kindergarten to eighth grade and it was close to the beach which was Huntington beach. It's a beautiful place!” He kept going on about the beach so sometimes I would go like “ SO SCHOOl !” Roso would go “oh yeah. Sorry.” And we both start laughing. His school was basically an elementary school because, his school started from kinder to eighth grade. And soon they would go to high school. I told him wow my school is kinder to sixth for elementary and seventh to eighth for middle school and the rest for high school.  Also how it would be nice to have the school by the beach to see the ocean out in the distance. He had said “ oh how pretty it looked outside.”

It was time to ask the second question. So I went on and asked “ what were your best and worst subjects in school?” He answers back with a laugh “ well my worst subject was english. I know it's hard to believe it but I was really bad at English. One time when I got my report card, They used to write it by hand but I had an F in english so I put a line right next to the other part of the F so it would look like an A!” We both laughed at that story that we need to both take a break before he answered again. Roso went on “ after that I got in trouble but it was OK because I learned from it. And my best subject was math but I was good at everything except English so math and probably be the best subject. Because it was easy for me!” So I added onto the question “ what did you like, best to do at school?” He was in love with swimming so during PE they taught the kids how to swim and he was always the one who would love to swim.

It was now my third question ( Me) “ Who were your friends growing up?” He honestly said that there weren't really friends that would stay friends for a long time. Roso- “ We all just hanged out with the people in our grade level.” I said “ Oh, it has kinda changed because I friends that are in elementary and eighth grade also ninth grade.” Roso- “ oh, well that's good then you have more friends than me.” Roso had said it with a big smile. And then we both exploded with laughter.

For the fourth question I asked “ what did you do outside of school for fun?”
Roso replied “ I went to the beach and I rode my bike sometimes. Our town is small so there was like people going crops and people planting beans and when they were done with them the people let us take them and we would have pounds of beans to eat!” He was closing his eyes and imagining what had happened back then. Them laughing at what he said about the beans. Besides beans about the beach he told me how it was beautiful at Huntington Beach and it was where he grew up. I wish to go there and see how it is. But he would go on and on about the beans and the types of beans and it was funny. He said he loved to go out with his friends. I told him “I'm not really allowed to do that if you know what I mean.” And he said “ of course your dad” and Roso chuckled as he said that. Because me and him both know my dad is a bit over protective.

Fifth question “ who is the person that had influence your life the most?” I asked leaning in more forward because I was curious and wondering maybe it was his parents. But I was wrong it wasn't one of his parents but his English teacher in high school! I wasn't expecting that but it was true. Roso had told me “ My high school english teacher helped me bring my grade up. She was so nice to help me. I actually couldn't read well because in first grade my teacher wouldn't teach me well also for writing. But this English teacher in high school helped me with all that and inspired me to go to college!” I was so surprised a teacher from high school inspired him to go to college! And he graduated college with a bachelor's degree in English. I told him how I too sometimes struggle in English but do love to write and make stories and he too loved hearing that from me. Roso inspires me in a way to make my own story and make it to the top.

Finally it was the last question I asked Roso “ What are some important decisions you have made in life that you’ve learned from?” He said “Always being honest. Because of the story with the grades and another time when I applied for a job. And they took me in because I was being honest about the questions they asked me. On the other hand the people who lied about the answers didn't get in. So I always tell myself to be honest.” I nodded in return and said “ Yes being honest is always the best thing to do.” I do think that because if I don't stay true to myself then who would I be.

Learning from what Roso has gone throughout middle school makes me think on how I had it easy. But he had it harder and didn't give up and gave it his all to keep going. Especially in english and how he went to college. Overall I think that Roso was a kid just like me and inspires me a lot to do what I want and be myself also to be honest. He is now a grown man who has a great life now.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


What happens when we sleep?

There are stages to when you are sleeping. This is what the steps are basically telling us what happens when we sleep. The first stage is really when you are 5-10 minutes in from sleep in that stage you start experiencing twiching, and feel like you are falling, Also you experience relaxation.
In the second stage when you are 40-50 minuets of sleep and you get waken up you tent to be relaxed and feel like you are still a sleep is normal. Your body starts getting ready for phase three. Stage 3 you are in 20 minuets of sleep your body slows down and repair anything wrong with it like, tissue from your body and your brain starts storing in anything you learned. If you don't get good proper sleep your muscles that you are trying to gain will be a big impact. Stage 4  the final stage. In the final stage you get something called R.E.M which mean Rapid.Eye.Movment. When that happens your eyes are closed and you start to dream but your body is paralizad so ther is not any muscle movement at all.
So that is what happens when you sleep.
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Monday, November 28, 2016


According to Eviddence shows that in the 2nd to 3rd centuries BC, China's people diribled to the ball made of leather into nets.
Also recorded facts state that Romans and Greeks use to play ball. Aperantly England had early modifications done to soccer. In the medival times the old form of soccer was played bye kicking, punching, biting, and gouing.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Yay Basketball! 

 In basketball we have five players on both teams and that play versus each other. The positions that you will play at one point are. Center which is played if you are tall and you stay close to the basket. Also forward which is played if you are kinda tall. In addition guards which are the shortest people on the team but they are one of the fastest and the person who looks places for the pass for the perfect shot. 
  Now let's talk about how and where you are playing.The point guard is by the top of the key and three point line. Both guards are at the side of the point guards. Also both centers are standing by the baskets. The guards usually pass the ball to the centers for they can make a basket.    

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Yay basketball

Rules: The rules for for basketball are pretty simple. 
  • Traveling- Is when you pick up the ball and and don’t dribble it.
  • Double dribble- Is when you dribble the ball once and pick the ball up and dribble it again.
  • Fouling- Is when you hit, kick and slap the other players.
  • Pressing- Is when you’re on the other team's side of the court and start trying to take the ball away from them.
These are just some rules but here’s two for the parents.
  1. Be supportive for your child.
  2. Don’t talk bad about other kids ( it’s not a good example.)


Yay Basketball

It all started on the year 1891. James Naismith has started a game, that will be played in winter inside the YMCA gyms. The game was played with a soccer ball and a peach basket. The people who played the game had to try and shoot the ball into the peach basket and a person with a latter would go and get the ball out. As you might have seen in a basketball court we use nets instead of peach baskets.The first match was on the year 1892. In addition women's first basketball game was on the year 1893. So because of James Naismith we have basketball till this day.